“I have been on a diet since I was 9, seriously. This program spoke to me and offered me a solution. Vicky got to the root of my issues around food and instilled a new way of thinking about food. Vicky gave me the confidence to achieve such success early on and I was able to create new habits.

I felt a connection with Vicky on our first meeting. She made me feel like she not only understood me but I also felt no judgement from her. I felt I could be honest and vulnerable. I felt safe with Vicky and I felt she knew she could help me.Vicky, You are my guardian angel, you appeared when I needed you most. You will always be very important to me.”

-CB Victoria BC

“The VGB program exceeded all my expectations! In addition to losing weight, the daily self-hypnosis recording helped me lower my blood pressure. I feel like the VGB program has re-wired my brain. How I think about food and my actions are different now. Instead of being more focused on food I feel like I have been set free to focus on other things in my life.

Vicky’s program is fantastic! I knew I needed to do something different to shift me out of my habits. I was stuck; I thought seeing a psychologist and dietician would help but talking about my feelings and making meal plans didn’t work.

I found Vicky through a Google search and I was, and continue to be, so impressed with Vicky’s professionalism and skill. She has a wonderful voice that puts me at ease. The daily self-hypnosis recording keeps me on track. I have new eating habits and feel free from my obsessive thoughts about food. I am no longer bloated and angry with myself for having no self-control and I never feel deprived.”

-Kelli K- Victoria BC

“When I first went to see Vicky, it was for a fear of flying. My office had a trip coming up which required me to fly and I was extremely nervous.

After following Vicky’s instructions and over a few sessions (which included listening to audio recordings that she had specifically made for me) I started feeling well prepared leading up to the trip. The result was that I had a very successful trip and cannot thank Vicky enough!

After having this positive experience, I decided to see Vicky again. This time was for her weight loss program as I have always been a ‘bigger’ individual. I have tried a number of other weight loss programs but that last 20lbs would not shed no matter what I tried. As soon as I started the program with Vicky I saw changes instantly in my behaviour with food and in my thoughts about food. How I thought about food was different, no longer was the story “when can I eat next” or “how many calories do I have left in the day”, it was easy… it was natural.

A few days from the first session I noticed my shape was changing, I couldn’t believe it but when the weeks went by and the weight was coming off at a steady pace, I knew that I had finally found a solid approach to my struggles with weight. I am eating better and healthier without fighting my own thoughts about food and cannot thank Vicky enough. It’s quite the adventure!

-Melissa, Victoria BC

“With diets I had tried in the past, I still had cravings and was normally depriving myself of food that I liked. With the Virtual Gastric Band program I no longer have cravings. I realize that I can enjoy the foods I love without feeling any guilt, yet still being aware and mindful of portion control. Vicky helped me feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable during our sessions and follow up emails. I knew immediately that I could trust her and the process. I am REALLY happy with my weight loss….no more yo-yo dieting for me!”

-Bev S. Victoria BC

” I am extremely happy to report that as of this afternoon I officially weighed in at my goal weight of 125lbs. I haven’t felt this great in years! I can’t thank you enough for working with me to get to this point. After 7 years of baby weight I am thrilled that it is now a thing of the past!!

Thank you again for all your help on this incredible journey, it has changed my life for the best and it feels so great to be in this place in my life.”

-A.F. Victoria BC

“I heard about Victoria Hypnotherapy from a colleague. I had suffered from overwhelming anxiety for several years and had tried numerous, more traditional treatments with little to no success. Vicky Etchells of Victoria Hypnotherapy was professional and compassionate. After several sessions, I felt less anxious; more at peace with myself and I now have the ability to cope with issues from my past. I would recommend Victoria Hypnotherapy to anyone who is looking to improve their emotional well-being. This non-invasive, comfortable practice was very helpful and I would return for future sessions, if needed.”

-Elaine. Victoria BC

“Vicky is very friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable –not to mention extremely thorough. She uses all angles to help tackle your issue(s). I felt very comfortable with her. Also, she has the most soothing, beautiful voice and great vocabulary – perfect for hypnosis. I was blown away by Vicky’s thoroughness and helpfulness — and by how well the program worked in helping me achieve my weight lost goal. Definitely money well spent! “

-L C. Victoria BC

“Who knew that losing weight would be this easy! I’m simply amazed how hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band program has totally cut out my mindless eating…Years of trying ‘this and that’ and then only to feel deprived of all the ‘good things’ in life. No more yo-yo dieting for me! I love that this is not a diet. Vicky is warm, engaging, professional and VERY effective.”

-Susan L. Victoria, BC

“This program has worked incredibly well for me even though I wasn’t looking for a ‘weight loss program’ per se….I was looking for help to make a fundamental change in how I related to food and it has worked! I have been searching for this solution my whole adult life and no diet has ever been able to help me with the underlying issues I was having.

Using the Virtual Gastric Band program I have now taken control of the urges to constantly snack on inappropriate foods. I have now made that ‘forever change’ in my relationship with food, I make better choices and no longer have that uncontrollable urge to snack incessantly. Thank you SO much Vicky!

-L M. Victoria BC

“I found that the Virtual Gastric Band program was very easy to follow as it is not a diet but a lifestyle change! It was a really positive and enjoyable experience! Never, at any time on the program, did I feel deprived or felt the need to snack on any of the salty foods that I used to love to eat.

I would like to add that hypnotherapy is an amazing tool that I feel should be the first ‘go to’ for people who want to make a positive impact on their lives! It is harmless, empowering and extremely effective for anything that you want to correct, overcome or improve.
Vicky, thank you so much for taking the time to assist me on this incredible journey towards betterment and positivity! With the tools that you taught me, I now feel that food no longer has a hold on me and I AM eating, thinking and drinking like a naturally slim person!”

-Kim B – Victoria BC

-S Nelson……Victoria BC – 2021

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“Vicky was very supportive throughout the process and very knowledgeable about hypnosis and the VGB. I felt safe with her and would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants, to not only lose weight, but to change their whole attitude to food and body image.”

-Paula. Victoria, BC

“After having tried all sorts of diets, including another hypnotherapist, to lose weight, I was crossing my fingers that Vicky and I would be a successful team. Immediately I felt that the Virtual Gastric Band system would benefit me more as I thrive under clear guidelines, which Vicky laid out before even accepting me as a client. I felt extremely comfortable with Vicky, which allowed me to be easily hypnotised by her and definitely noticed changes in my behaviours after the first session. Knowing the Virtual Gastric band is a “slow and steady” solution, I was ecstatic to lose 6 pounds in my first week or two!”

-Vicki Hunter. Victoria, BC

“Vicky’s voice is soothing and calming allowing you to go into hypnosis easily and effortlessly. I always felt very relaxed and at ease after the sessions. I would highly recommend Vicky and hypnotherapy. I have seen great results!”

-J O. Victoria BC

“Vicky has provided hypnotherapy, covering several issues that have been problematic for me. Her calm, professional yet totally engaging manner put me at ease straight away. She was friendly and reassuring and I was able to put my trust in her completely. Vicky never doubted that I was able to attain my goals and this inspired and motivated me to work hard to stay on track. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky to anyone seeking hypnotherapy. They would be in very safe hands.”

-JJ. UK.

“Vicky, your experience, guidance and support helped me to easily and successfully achieve my goal. Thank you so much……. Hypnosis works!”

-LS. Duncan BC